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Other purposes underlying the processing of personal data by may process the personal data of the users of the Website or others, in the pursuit of the following purposes, in addition to those mentioned in the privacy policy of the Website:

  1. Human Resources
    • Recruitment and selection of human resources.
    • Human resource management (e.g. access and attendance management, time management).
    • Processing and payment of salaries.
    • Exercise of disciplinary power.
    • Performance evaluation.
    • Evaluation of work capacity, within the scope of occupational medicine.
    • Assessing the worker's suitability to carry out the respective functions.
    • Quality control.
  2. Accounting, fiscal and administrative management
    • Accounting and invoicing.
    • Management of payments.
    • Providing tax-related information, including sending information to the Tax Authority.
  3. Compliance with legal, regulatory or other obligations
    • Compliance and enforcement of applicable legislation, regulators requests, sanctions and PEP screenings, fraud suspicious investigations (including anti-cheat logs) and general Website usage.
  4. Audits
    • Execution of internal or external audits.
  5. Litigation
    • Management of litigation and other disputes/conflicts.
  6. Statistical or similar purposes
    • Pursuit of statistical or similar purposes.
  7. Information technology
    • Receiving and processing requests for IT support.
    • Information security control.
    • Access management, logs.
    • Backups management.
    • Management of security incidents.